This is a blog about the hill of Troubari, an oasis of green right in the middle of the Southern part of Athens.  Next to the busy leoforos Alimou yet in a planet of its own with its pine trees and view, easy access and parking and plenty space.

It is also host of one of my favourite restaurant’s in Athens.  The “Green Hill” (“Prasinos Lofos” in Greek ) is souvlaki of the 21st century which has received rave reviews thanks to the recipes of the renowned Yannis Baxevanis.  (Most reviews are in Greek in the main blog pages.)

The hill also sports an excellent small conference area which is currently available for free for corporate or other events for a limited time offer.    (For a view of the inside, click here.)

The conference/multifunction room from the outside

As a non for profit bunch of people just interested in keeping it clean and green for our kids, we don’t have an office but the restaurant is kind enough to keep messages if you want to contact us at +30  210 9913811


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